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Scan2ICC - Color Accuracy Through ICC Scanner Profiles

Scan2ICC is an online tool for creating an individual ICC profile for a Scan2Net® scanner. This online service offers customers a simple and cost efficient alternative to procuring complicated and expensive third party software. An individual ICC profile can be generated online and stored for each Scan2Net® scanner.

  • Individual ICC profile for every Scan2Net® scanner
  • True color output for copy applications
  • Clear and simple operation
  • Cost efficient subscription

By downloading a small application from the Image Access Customer Service Portal, your individual ICC profile can be made available to the scanner in only a few simple steps. The operator can repeat the process as often as necessary (for example, when ambient light characteristics have changed). Simply rescan the IT8 Scanner Calibration Target included in the package and the recalculated ICC profile can be saved to the scanner.

Scan2ICC: Guaranteed Color Quality from Scan to Printout

Color management with ICC profiling is important for true color output in all (color managed) processes from the input (i. e. scanning) to the output (i. e. printing). The ICC profile optimizes the interaction between various color spaces such as RGB (scanner) and CMYK (printer). Utilizing the ICC profile, the colors in the scan are optimized to match the original document. Color variations caused by ambient light or temperature fluctuation are compensated for.

The user can be certain that the scanned image and a print of the image both present the same color quality. Scan2ICC enhances and complements the Scan2Net® functionality.

Purchasing an ICC Profile Subscription is possible in the Image Access Customer Service Portal. After entering the device serial number the software is available for immediate download.