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Scan2Net Firmware Release Notes

Firmware 6.88 Released on 5 February 2019

  • New Functions
    • PrintWizard LFP now supports new printer models of the iPF TM Series
    • PrintWizard HP now supports new printer models of the HP Z Series and the PageWide Series
    • PrintWizard HP offers a new optional add on which contains HP ICC profiles
    • PrintWizard TDS now contains new "generic" ColorWave / PlotWave printer drivers
    • WT12/25: White balance mode: backlight is now available also in the touchscreen setup menu.
    • All scanners: Print output data can now be copied to an output file.

  • New Features (Customer Requests)
      • External app: The preview image is discarded when the user logs out or when the scan session times out (customers requested this because of privacy / data security concerns).
      • PageWide XL: By default, the printouts are now aligned with the right edge.

  • Improvements
      • WT36CL/MF: These wide format scanner models now bypass the application selector and start the ScanWizard immediately after the boot process has finished.
      • WideTEK scanners: The crop & deskew "snap" formats have been revised.
      • WT60CL: The larger internal stitching reserve allows easier offset correction between individual CIS modules.

  • Bugfixes
      • BE4 format setting stapled: Some scan settings (for example black border removal) were grayed when this format was selected.
      • HP PageWide: Paper selection failed if number of chosen paper roll was above 4.
      • ColorWave 600: Rotation back to 0° setting fixed.
      • All: White level was only 254 under some circumstances. This could cause problems with "exotic" ICC profiles ("blueprint ICC profile").
      • ScanWizard: Templates now handle page splitting parameters properly.
      • Minor internal fixes implemented.

    Service Pack and Security Update 3.33 Released on 15 January 2019

    • New service pack (security update). Compatible to firmware versions 6.40 and above.

    Firmware 6.86B Released on 11 December 2018

    • Bugfixes
      • ScanWizard: A few combinations of 3D mode and additional margins prevented the proper functioning of crop & deskew.
      • PrintWizard: Sometimes short images could not be printed on iPF PRO / TX series printers. This happened when the number of lines in the image could be divided by 20 without a remainder.

    Firmware 6.86A Released on 21 November 2018

    • Bugfix
      • ScanWizard: The automatic shutdown at a certain time of day failed. The failure also prevented a shutdown by the power button.

    Firmware 6.86 Released on 19 November 2018

    • New Scanner Model: Firmware now supports WT36CL-600-MF
    • New Scanner Model: Firmware now supports WT60CL-600
    • New Function: Thick media support for WT60CL-600
    • New Function: Support of exFAT file system on USB devices
    • Billing: Firmware now supports Yordam billing system
    • Billing: Support of IA Mifare 2 billing system discontinued

  • Improvements
      • PrintWizard: The speed of iPF PRO / TX printer drivers is enhanced significantly.
      • ScanWizard/PrintWizard: The document output is automatically set to rewind when closed loop calibration is executed.
      • ScanWizard/PrintWizard: On WT36CL/48CL scanners, document size maximum is now handled as a roll format. Formerly, maximum size was defined as x 48 inch.
      • ScanWizard: New administrative functions for output templates
      • Delete all deletes ALL default templates and ALL user defined templates of the chosen output.
      • Restore Settings resets all modifications of the default templates and restores deleted default templates. Restore Settings does not apply to user defined templates.
      • ScanWizard: The visibility and ownership of both scan templates and output templates now works identically.

  • Bugfixes
    • ScanWizard: After deleting single images, the previews on the internal touchpanel and on the monitor now match.
    • PrintWizard: Océ stacker output is now working properly.
    • Billing: Under specific conditions, scanning was possible using the hardware buttons even if the scanner was locked. This is now prevented.

    Firmware 6.84D Released on 12 October 2018

    • Improvements
      • PrintWizard: Now supporting new ColorWave printer models 3500, 3700, 9000.
      • PrintWizard: If a ColorWave printer is selected, the printer protocol automatically sets ?lpr?.
      • ScanWizard/PrintWizard: Several improvements for HP PageWide printers, for example more expedient default parameters, fallback to English if no localized term is found for the selected paper, minimum border width = 0 can be set.
      • ScanWizard: The device name can now be defined individually. The device name is not equal with the SMB name or with the host name.

  • Bugfixes
    • Many internal improvements and minor internal bugfixes.

    Firmware 6.84C Released on 9 September 2018

    • Improvements:
      • WT48CL-600: Faster paper feed in scan mode direct
      • Improved Photoshop compatibility of large TIFF-LZW images
      • Several small bugfixes of internal routines

      Firmware 6.84B Released on 2 August 2018

      • Bugfixes:
        • WTxxCL: Scan templates do now store all settings
        • ScanWizard: New scan templates can now also set Crop & Deskew

      Firmware 6.84A Released on 25 July 2018

      • WT36DS-600: "Transport speed" selection added to the Poweruser/Admin interface (like as in WT36-600). This enables scanning speed of 15 in/s

      Firmware 6.84 Released on 16 July 2018

      • ScanWizard: Multiple output workflow implemented
      • ScanWizard: New language file Romanian
      • ScanWizard: New language file Estonian
      • ScanWizard: Update of many other language files due to new functions and features
      • ScanWizard: Manual fine rotation of image
      • ScanWizard: Multiple annotations can be added to the image
      • New scanner model: BE4-V2 semi-automatic
      • New scanner model: BE4-V2 professional archive
      • New scanner model: Third party product SMA 2520
      • Billing: Initial support for Equitrac billing
      • Scan2Net PrintWizard supports new ImagePROGRAF TX series
      • Scan2Net PrintWizard: user-defined collate option
      • ScanWizard:Dynamic localization of paper sizes, disclaimer text etc. The localized text is now preserved during the Scan2Net update procedure

      Firmware 6.82C Released on 16 April 2018

      • WT36ART-600: New scan mode "Anti glossy" reduced relexions to the minimum

      Firmware 6.82A Released on 7 February 2018

      • WT36ART-600: Support for illumination:top/bottom added
      • WT36ART-600: Stitchadaptive:none included to allow scanning with fixed stitching
      • WT36ART-600: Switches allow to select which laser measures the height measurement when small originals shall be scanned

      Firmware 6.80 Released on 18 January 2018

      • Scan2Net firmware splitted into 3 archives:
        • Archive 1: s2nfirm (contains the firmware itself as ever)
        • Archive 2: add-on PrintWizard LFP
        • Archive 3: add-on PrintWizard SureColor for Epson SureColor printers
      • Support for Epson SureColor printers included (add-on PrintWizard SureColor)
      • Support for Canon iPF671 printers included
      • New function for folding machines and for file output: Select title block and rotate automatically
      • WT36ART-600: New option "Length extension". The extension table allows up to 2.53 m scan length
      • ScanWizard: touch / EasyScan / app: 3-level threshold to limit the file size of images sent by mail
      • ScanWizard: New language file Hebrew
      • ScanWizard: New language file Vietnamese included
      • New scanmode:continuous allows endless scanning with multipage pdf output

      Firmware 6.72 Released on 27 September 2017

      • Support for FADGI / Metamorfoze through scan settings templates
      • New despeckle routine (5x5) with variable amount of "despeckling"
      • Bookeye 4: Improved speed with current hardware, scanning time >30% faster

      Firmware 6.70 Released on 31 July 2017

      • New scanner model WT36ART-600 - New large format scanner designed specifically for fine art scanning
      • Closed loop calibration allows to calibrate printers using the scanner to give the best possible print quality
      • WideTEK: "Snap" formats (Crop & Deskew / Autoformat with fixed output sizes)
      • WideTEK: Many more (configurable) standard document sizes
      • All Bookeye and WideTEK scanners: Multi-user management available without software key
      • All Bookeye and WideTEK scanners: Watermark routine now supports also Chinese characters
      • Billing: Scan2Net now supports the Papercut billing system

      Firmware 6.64C Released on 11 May 2017

      • New scanner model WT12-650
      • New scanner model WT25-650
      • ColorWave printers: Micro scaling adjustment

      Firmware 6.64A Released on 24 February 2017

      • Bookeye 4: New crop and deskew function for stapled documents

      Firmware 6.64 Released on 17 February 2017

      • Large format printers: Now centering cropped images

      Firmware 6.62 Released on 31 January 2017

      • New scanner model WT36DS-600
      • New device type Supag Mediascan
      • Colorwave printers: New color mode can force binary / grayscale printing
      • Colorwave printers: Additional media types possible, even if not detected/reported by the printer
      • Billing: Scan2Net now supports EMOS card reader
      • ScanWizard: enhanced file naming
      • ScanWizard: extended masking function

      Firmware 6.60 Released on 2 December 2016

      • New scanner model WT36CL-600
      • Scan2Net supports new Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro printers (PDL: IVEC/SGRaster)
      • Scan2Net supports new New Océ printers
      • ScanWizard: Punch hole removal
      • Additional output file formats: PNG, BMP, AutoCAD DWF, Jpeg 2000, PSB (Photoshop Big), PCX, Postscript / Encapsulated Postscript, JBIG, DjVu, DICOM, Raw Data
      • Additional TIFF compression modes: Deflate, LZW

      6.50 Released on 23 June 2016

      All scanners: Support for generic external touchscreens

      CCD Scanner: With the integration of the new S2N H4 CCD camera in the device groups WideTEK, BE4-XX-V2 and BE4-XX-V3 the scanning speed has also increased considerably.

      • ScanWizard: Enhanced Background OCR
      • ScanWizard: Automatic viewer update when using external scan applications
      • ScanWizard: "Set default" Button in parameter panels
      • ScanWizard: Poweruser: Extended GUI configuration
      • ScanWizard: Zoom: Window size can be changed

      • Billing: Support of new billing solution "IA Mifare 2"
      • Billing: Internal billing: Different charges for color / A4 / A3 output implemented

      • PrintWizard: PrintWizard PageWide and PrintWizard Designjet options merged into one single option
      • PrintWizard: "Scale to roll width" implemented

      • Support for JAVA Apps removed

      Please note: JAVA based touchscreen applications, like Scan2Net Easy and Expert, are no longer supported in the Scan2Net firmware version 6.50 and higher. If you would like to continue using an existing JAVA based application, please do not update to Scan2Net version 6.50.

      6.10 Released on 26 February 2014

      • ScanWizard: Complete redesign of the internal Scan2Net web application
      • ScanWizard: Easy and intuitive setup and operation
      • ScanWizard: All scanning parameters at a glance
      • ScanWizard: Job mode now also available for scanner operation through any web browser

      • EasyScan App: New design of buttons

      • Bookeye 4: Administration of multiple users
      • Bookeye 4: Password protection for user profiles
      • Bookeye 4: User defined templates for printing, network, ftp, email and web output
      • Bookeye 4: Enhanced finger and book fan removal
      • Bookeye 4: Enhanced billing system for support of various card readers

      • 64bit base system
      • 30% faster operation
      • Support of up to 8 GB internal RAM
      • Enhanced image file size of up to 12 GB
      • Cache management: Cache scan jobs on RAM disk or on hard disk
      • Cache management: Select from 12 methods of secure file erasing
      • Enhanced speed of adaptive stitching
      • Unlimited image size for adaptive stitching
      • Improved support of NTFS formatted USB devices
      • Enhanced default ICC profiles
      • Selectable color space

      Device types that benefit from version 6 and its new ScanWizard (only with 64 bit base system, hdd ver. 6.3XSCISI2.5)
      • Bookeye 4 all models
      • WideTEK 25-600
      • WideTEK 36C-300
      • WideTEK 48C-300